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Skeptical? Meeee Too

Updated: May 18, 2021

Are you skeptical that Reiki isn't real? Energy healing isn't a thing? What about the bigger you think it's likely that life ends when we pass from our physical form? I certainly have felt that way in the past. I've been skeptical about EVERYTHING pretty much my entire life. Unless it could be scientifically proven I wasn't wasting my time. If the info didn't come from someone with Dr. or PhD associated with their name, I didn't believe it. I was young and moving through life fast and I didn't have time for anything but the mainstream.

That all came crashing down around me one day in 2017 as my boss sat in my office telling me about a session she and her husband experienced with a local medium/healer. For about an hour she sat in my office re-telling me things the medium said to them about a family member who had recently passed: parts of conversations they had had, tons of specific details that she couldn't have known. I just kept saying in disbelief, "What?! Wait, what?" I didn't think it was possible for my entire belief system to shift in such a short time, but it certainly did. That day I was on the precipice of doing a total 180 on everything I'd ever believed (or not believed) for my nearly 40 years. The total shift came weeks later when I visited the same medium and had my own truly life changing experience. As she spoke about my family who had passed, related messages from them, and knew impossible things about my boyfriend (now husband), I was just dumbstruck. It was like staring at an image in the dark that you can't make sense of, but you know that it MUST take shape at some point. I felt like if I stared at "it" long enough, I would begin to comprehend these new beliefs.

Let me be very clear about my spiritual beliefs and faith until that point. I never even believed in God of any sort. I was raised Catholic when I was young but as I got older I realized I didn't believe in any higher power. I also believed that when we die here on earth that that is final. No after life. Faith had no place in my life. Faith felt silly and weak. Those beliefs dropped away with the rapidity of a switch flick. Suddenly I was on board with spirits and an afterlife. I started doing some reading and then came to believe in what I called the divine, or source...not necessarily a higher power....but a power that is central to all life, on earth and in afterlife, or between lives. BETWEEN lives....that was my next step in this journey: the belief that we have soul contracts and we have a life (in spirit/light form) between lives on the planet. I came to believe we choose our life down to every detail and that we make those choices to better our soul's evolution.

As all of these new beliefs were settling in, I was also looking back on memories of my childhood and teenage years and realizing I had had so many supernatural or paranormal experiences and I just ignored them all because I had zero framework for them. So I shoved them down and never looked at them properly until I had this new way to understand them. When I was very young I remember my mom saying: things happen around you. It scared me then, but now it made sense.

It was after this massive belief shift that I started on my reiki certification. It blew my mind that being attuned to a particular frequency of energy could have healing effects. I suppose I was skeptical about the effectiveness of it even when I started practicing on my friends and family. It took many instances of validation before I could really accept it (old beliefs die hard I guess). Now, of course, I hold no skepticism of the efficacy of reiki as a healing modality.

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