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What Does a Reiki Session Feel Like?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

What does it feel like to get a reiki treatment? It’s different for everyone. The one constant feeling I hear from those I’ve worked with is that they feel relaxed at the end of the session. In the following days, they usually say they feel clearer or more centered. But more often than not, there is a wide range of sensations and visuals during the actual session.

Let’s start with physical touch during a session. I generally only place my hands on the body at the crown chakra (top of the head) as long as the client is comfortable with that. The rest of the time my hands are above the body. Each session is about 35-45 minutes depending on what comes up during the treatment.

Treatment takes place lying down on a massage table. I keep the room dim so it’s relaxing, and I play sound healing music softly which I find helps with relaxation. At the very least you will feel relaxed when your treatment is finished.

As far as sensations during treatment, these are very diverse. One person told me she felt magnetized to my hands, others feel touch on their body when I am not touching them. For example, a client told me that while I was standing on the right side of his body, he felt touch on his left knee. Some feel pressure, repetitive touch or even alternating touch (like a left/right/left/right sort of tapping pattern) when my hands are not touching them. Others report feelings of a gentle pulling sensation, as if they can feel energy leaving them. Many feel temperature changes, and usually this is in the form of heat. Some feel as if they are in a deep meditation.

Visuals during treatment are usually colors, although many have told me they see shapes, memories, people, animals or objects throughout the session, and these images and colors change with the different areas being treated.

Why do people have these sensations? First think about what reiki is: a frequency of energy that aims to restore the body and chakras to their natural, well-functioning state. It is like shining light onto what is dark and allowing for release of stuck energy that may be causing some form of dis-ease, either emotional or physical. Each chakra is also associated with a color, different parts of the body, and even different developmental ages. Colors are also associated with specific energetic or emotional states. For example, green is often associated with harmony and balance, pink is associated with love, and red is associated with energy and power. So I think it is only natural to see colors, images and memories as energy begins to clear or change within specific parts of the body.

At the end of the session we can talk about what may have come up (for both of us) and I always send treatment notes afterwards with any information that may be helpful to you and your healing.

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