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What is a Reiki Session Like for the Practitioner?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

I love this topic! The short answer is that it’s different for every practitioner.

Giving reiki (or really channeling reiki) is an amazing experience. While the intention of a reiki session is to balance energy centers and release energetic blockages to help the body perform optimally, a lot of helpful information can be obtained while the reiki is flowing. That information comes through (for me) in the form of pictures, energetic feelings, and words.

Why is it helpful to get information about the client during reiki? Generally, a person is coming to reiki to work on some aspect of healing themselves: mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually. The information that comes up for each of us during the session is discussed afterwards. I believe that discussing the information I get, as well as what comes up for the client, can be helpful for bringing focus to their healing journey. I also send detailed treatment notes afterwards so that tangible information and suggestions are available.

Here are a few examples to help illustrate what providing reiki feels like:

In a recent session, I had my hands over the client’s third eye (forehead) and I was drawn to move my hands down to her face. Feeling "drawn" to an area is like an energetic tug, coupled with a thought. In this instance, I felt that the energy over the face was different somehow than balanced, free-flowing energy. I then got a vivid picture of what looked like clear gel covering the lower half of her face. It did not feel like an energy blockage or stagnant energy but rather that it just existed, and was somehow not optimal.

That “energetic tug” I feel is a full-body sensation and it happens often. It helps lead me to areas that need extra support or are blocked in some way. I had never seen anything like the clear gel image before. After the session, I spoke with the client and she said the lower half of her face is numb and always has been. Even though this isn’t an instance where the information received is helpful to the client for healing (it doesn’t bother her and there’s nothing more she can really do to “fix” it), it’s a good example of how the images present and how they tie to issues the client is having.

Similarly, when I was over this client's sacral chakra (near the navel), I was drawn to the left side of her abdomen. The energy felt heavy but not necessarily blocked. I had an image of a maroon shape that was oblong and sort of lumpy. I didn’t feel that there was energy to be cleared, so I simply spent more time in that area, letting the reiki go where it was needed. After the session, we talked and she said she has always battled issues with her pancreas, which is in the very location I was drawn to.

Each session is unique, just like each person, but there is always information to be found. The body tells many stories!

I truly LOVE giving reiki. I love to help people, I love to learn how to decipher the images I see into useful information, and I love to hear that a client is feeling better after a session. Short of spending time with my family and dogs, it is one of the things that makes me most happy in life!

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