Opalite is a beautiful, opalescent man-made stone that has various hues of blue, white and gray. Even though it does not occur naturaly in nature it still holds energetic properties, and is most often associated with playfulness, optimism and resilience. It has also been described as a calming force against a storm, and this mala is a tribute to that, I believe:

the yellow thread, juxtaposed with the silvery opaque opalite, looks like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. If you need help with feeling optimistic or overcoming your storm, this mala is for you! 


All of my malas are energetically cleared before shipping, and are charged with reiki healing energy.


  • 24" long
  • Turquoise-colored cinnabar guru bead
  • 108 Opalite beads
  • 3.5" Gray tassle
  • Gold spacer beads



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