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This mala is made of white jade, a stone that is often associated with love and the heart chakra, as well as the high heart chakra (a sub chakra that that is connected to feelings of self worth, self love and self critisicm). The silk cord is beige and the guru bead and drop pendant are opalite. 


Opalite is a beautiful, opalescent man-made stone that has various hues of blue, white and gray. Even though it does not occur naturaly in nature it still holds energetic properties, and is most often associated with playfulness, optimism and resilience. It has also been described as a calming force against a storm


All of my malas are energetically cleared before being shipped.


  • 108 beads
  • 22 inches long
  • opalite pendant
  • beige silk cord
  • silver spacers

White Jade and Opalite

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