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Beth Birdwell, M.A., LPC-A

Certified Reiki Practitioner through Master Level

Master of Arts in Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

My journey to reiki began about seven years ago when I was referred to a local  medium and reiki master. After meeting with her a whole new world view unfolded for me. A world where I realized we are all connected, where energies mingle, where life is continuous, and healing comes in multiple forms.

I did my reiki training, from Level 1 through master level, in 2017 with Alyssa Malehorn. In 2020, I decided to seek more guidance on mediumship and spiritual growth and I began an ongoing mentorship with Sara Reeves with MetaphyiscalU, and completed an intensive mentorship with Jesse Prejean. I am loving the momentum of this journey and its benefits for energy healing.

My career and academic paths are diverse, but all have brought me to where I am now. I have a Master of Arts in Counseling and absolutely love being a part of the healing community.


Besides being "witchy" I love working out, doing yoga, making malas, and spending time with my family (husband and grown daughter) and our two dogs, Nacho and Lola, who I am obsessed with.

I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. If you're interested in counseling you can learn more at BWell Therapy. I do traditional talk therapy but for those interested, I also work from a spiritual framework and include reiki as a supporting modality.


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